What is SAT
                                           What is SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)?

The SAT is an exam designed to enroll U.S. citizens in undergraduate programs at American universities. Over time , citizens of other countries began to take this exam for admission to American universities. Currently, the SAT exam results allow students to be admitted not only to American universities, but also to the most prestigious universities in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, European countries and Turkey. At present, ADA University in our country is also accepting bachelor students with SAT results. SAT exams are held in Azerbaijan as well as in different countries. The exams are held in Azerbaijan in March, May, June, October, November and December.

The SAT is divided into two parts, SAT Reasoning Test (SAT I) and SAT Subject Test (SAT II).

SAT I is a 3-hour test exam (equivalent to 3 hours and 50 minutes with the Essay section). The exam consists of two parts: "Math", "Critical Reading" and "Writing". Each part is evaluated on 800 and 1600 points.

The SAT Subject Test (SAT II) is an hour-long test. In this section, the questions consist of elective subjects. The main purpose of the exam is to test the student's academic knowledge in a particular subject. As in SAT I, the questions in the SAT II exam are evaluated on 800 points. In SAT II, ​​subjects such as mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, history, English, etc. cover the subjects of areas corresponding to the specialty. Usually top universities require an SAT Subject. 

In addition, SAT Subject chemistry and biology, and the result of both or one is required for medical specialties  (in the case of applying to medical education in the United States, the result of the MCAT exam is required).

SAT Subject Math 2 is divided into sections, SAT Subject Math Level 1 and SAT Subject Math Level 2. Many universities usually require a Math Level 2 result. SAT I is mainly required for admission to universities. The SAT II exam is required by the university you want to take. But to know them exactly and to prepare properly, you need to set up the right program. It is also recommended that you research the websites of the universities you want to apply to or get detailed information about it through reliable consulting companies. Students wishing to prepare for the SAT must have at least an Intermediate level of English.

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