Nevertheless,foreigners are more interested in the education in the Southern Neighbor and United Kingdom,but Canada is popular for the students who plan to study abroad.There are some positive reasons for that.Canada is also one of the best countries of the world for living and highly educational system

Five universities of Canada: Toronto University, Mcgill University, British Columbia University, Alberta University, Montreal University are on the list of the bets universities of the world

6 reasons to study in Canada

1. Scholarship opportunities.
You can use scholarship opportunities in Canada universities provide the foreign students with enough scholarship programs every year.You can gain vitality in a country with the best of the world’s status.Every year more than 200 students choose to study in Canada.Each foreigner who has got student status asks for a permission for working 20 hours a week in order to get a chance to provide expenses.

2.  Having in demand qualification all over the world.
You will open a new door to your career and your future by studying highly academic and strict quality control standards.The diploma and certificates of Canada own global equivalence.

The quality of education and life in Canada is among the best ones.Unlike the USA and United Kingdom the education and life rights are lower.Generally Canada has always choosen for foreign students who want to study in the university and college of there.

You will get not only knowledge and skill,but also you will evolve how to express yourself,demonstrate your creativity and develop self-confidence.The teachers and professors will always try to support you to improve your academic level.

3. Innovative and prosperous research opportunities.
The government and industry in Canada supports the researches together,especially telecommunications,medicine,agriculture,computer technology and environmental fileds.

4. High language education.
Canada is bilingual and world leader in language teaching.Since French and English has been first and second languages,they use high language teaching methods of Canada.You can learn both languages during staying here.

5. Multicultural society.
Most ethnic groups of the world live in Canada and that is why it is impossible not to meet ethnic kitchen and cultural acvitvities.Your student advisor will assist you to communicate with diverse ethnic groups

6. Immigration opportunities.
Do you know, foreign students having student card and work experience can get PR(temporary residence permit).No matter where you are,what your nationality is ,not depending on racial and religious ideology ,you will get new home.That is why Canada has been declared the most multicultural country of the world.

How much are education and cost of living in Canada?

Tuition fees.
As we said before,you can apply to different scholarship in Canada.Totally ,tuition fee is lower for citizens,but it begins minimum from 5,000 USD. Depending on the rates and qualifications,it is going up 35,000 USD.

Expenses of living.
Having high life causes to high expenses of living. Monthly expenses are the following:
House for rent: 350-550 CAD
Food : 300 CAD
Fare and other expenses:300 CAD
Total monthly expenses:1100-1200 CAD

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