The United States hosts more than 1,000,000 foreign students of different countries and nations who have expanded their education and life experiences around the world.Around 5% of students enrolled in higher education in the country are foreign students.At present this figure is increasing year by year and is becoming the most popular country for foreign students.But why so many foreign students choose US colleges and universities?We will try to answer this question shortly.

Academic superiority.The United States has the world-famous programs in all areas and has the world's best university system.

Various educational opportunities.The United States has more than ten campuses in other countries with colleges and universities.These colleges and universities have educational programs that develop academic, research and professional skills in various areas of art, social and technical.

Technological improvement. US universities are proud of providing leading technology, research and possible equipment resources for students.Even if your area is not direct and engineering, you will have the opportunity to learn and use the latest technology resources for your research.In addition, you will also be able to contact researchers, teachers and professionals from around the world on your own field.

Wide range of research, teaching and learning opportunities. If you are a master student, you can also finance and get experience with teaching and research.Some programs offer bachelors the assistant to the students, and the masters the research assistant for the special projects in their field.This practical component of your education will give you a important experience for your future career and will also provide practical skills that can not be achieved in your own learning process in your own area.

Wide range of educational and training opportunities. Practice in the international context is a desirable product of the labor market.Many employers are looking for a profound, well-adapted and experienced employee that, to meet these requirements of international students in the United States. The advantage of foreign supportive services is that the campus will add new dimensions to your life, whether academic or cultural diversity, as well as various sports activities and etc. That makes US colleges and universities the most preferred educational institutions.

Here's a summary of the tuition fees and living expenses in the United States.

Tuition fees: As mentioned earlier, if you want to meet your expenses in the US, you can legally work in the campus.About tuition fees, payments for American universities start at $ 5,000.But highly rated education institutions have higher tuition fees.

Living expenses. Living expenses in America change according to the state and city you are in.Your total monthly expenses will change around 800-1100 USD, including rent, nutrition and travel costs.

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