Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a central European country that is part of the Schengen region. Czech higher education institutions have a tradition of education dating back to 1348. The oldest and most prestigious universities in Europe are located in the capital, Prague. And these universities, along with European students, also recognize foreign students with higher education opportunities. Thousands of foreign students come to Czech Republic every year. Czech universities are among the top rated universities in the world. In the Czech Republic, monthly living costs are around 400-500 Euros. Education fees vary from 3,000 to 1200 Euros in English-language programs. In the Czech Republic, medical education is 10-12 Euros.

You can see the international environment in the Czech Republic not only in Prague, where more tourists and foreign students are flowing, but also in Brno, Plzen, Hradec Kraloe and Olomouc cities of the country.

Programs taught in English in the Czech Republic are mainly based on medicine, business, finance and economics, IT and computer sciences, engineering, social sciences and humanities, marketing and media, MBA, art and film.

In addition, students can apply for Language Preparation Program.

Through the Czech universities, which cooperate with various European and world universities, students are able to access educational opportunities at other universities through exchange programs.

As in other European countries, the Czech Republic allows foreign students to work 20 hours a week. This also creates opportunities for both work and study for students with limited financial incomes.

At the same time, the Czech Republic also has a free education opportunity. But for this, you need to study the Czech language. For those who want to continue their careers in the Czech Republic, this is a very good opportunity, because in any case, it is inevitable to study the Czech language.

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