The historical treasures and cuisine of Italy continue to attract some vistors over centuries . Alpine mountains in the north are covered with snow, and Mediterrian sea in the south is a diversity of Italian regions. Italy is a successful choice for international students who are seeking for world-clas,social education but are suitable for foreign students.

Italian University of Bologna is the oldest university in the world that accepts foreign students since 1088. Bologna is leading the 21st century academic innovation. The Bologna process was launched in this city and is the best higher education standard in the European Higher Education Area.

Italian universities are proud of their heritage and ratings. He has dozens of international language teaching programs taught at Tor Vergata University in English. Italy also hosts the best business school in Europe.

Italy is one of the most affordable countries for education. Although living in a large city such as Rome and Milan, there are more expenses, but smaller cities cost less expenses . Large universities offer dormitories for students, and it allows to cost low. These costs vary from 400 to 600 euros depending on the city.

Compared with other European universities, tuition fees are lower than in Italy's state universities.Tuition fees of the state universities are around € 1,000. For top universities, tuition fees are slightly higher. Some universities, especially Tor Vergata University, have a tuition fee of 150-5,000 € depending on the student's family. The widest range of scholarship opportunities in Italy also attracts foreign students to this country.

If you want to stay in the country after your education, then it is recommended that you should study the Italian language because English is not very popular among the Italian people.

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