France is on the list of the countries preferred by most international students. This country has always had significant impact on western culture and its culture plays huge role in the west. French, with its more than 260 ml. speakers throughout the world, stands in the second place after English as one of the most preferred teaching language. Among the countries providing high quality education with lower tuition fees and mostly favored by international students France is in the fourth place. Its Educational system is one of the bests. This country is a good choice. It is particularly best choice for the ones who want to study business related subjects. France is like a business incubator and there are enough world-rated business faculties.

One of the most main points is that, in each French university exist experience and career centers which supply assistance for the student with recruitment issues.

In state universities tuition fee constitutes 200-400 € for bachelor`s, master`s, and Phd degrees both for native and international students. That is why applying for the state universities are advised.

It is also possible to get scholarship in France. The most popular ones are supplied by France Education Ministry, France Foreign Affairs Ministry, regional councils, and Erasmus Mundus.

Overall living costs in France are high enough, but fortunately discounts in fares, rentals, and restaurants always exist for students. Additionally, costs in regions are lower than those of in the capital. Another advantage is that the French legislation allows the international students to work 20 hours a week which in its turn helps to support living costs of the students.

Studying in France provides you with globally acknowledged diploma and opens up career opportunities.

Living costs: In Paris, it is 800-1000 €, in Nice, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse it is 600-700 € . As a social state France supports both local and international students so providing that you live in one of the regional cities, you living costs can be reduced from 600 to 400 € .

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