Germany is one of the successful countries where is located top rated universities in the world, owns practical educational system,providing free education opportunity for foreign citizens.There are any qualifications in Germany.

Germany is one of the countries where foreign students come to study.Germany is the best country for foreigners so it provides low tuition fee or free education opportunities.

Germany masters to the most prestigious universities in the engineering,technical,medical,social and humanitarian fileds in the world and 2018 106 universities of 429 institution of higher education is one of the best universities of the world.The educational programs of Germany has been designed according to the requirements of the time.

In Germany foreign students own work permit for 20 hours a week.60% of foreign students work during they study.When it comes to the expenses of living it changes between 600-750 euro depending on the cities.

Germany universities require 12 years secondary education for bachelor’s degree.It is possible to accomplish required one year in the training programs of Germany universities.Studying in bachelor of stage is free in German language.There also exists education in English although there are few qualifications., but it is not free in English language.It is possible to study in bachelor of stage after 11 years education.

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