What is YÖS

YÖS (Yabancı Öğrenci Sınavı - Foreign Student Test) Admission of Foreign Students to the University of Turkey. The YÖS exam is only for a bachelor's degree in Turkey. This exam is also organized in Turkey and some other countries that have been announced in advance. This exam is organized by the universities themselves. There are a small number of universities that do not take the YÖS exam. Such universities also accept students with YÖS results and SAT scores from other universities. The times of YÖS exams organized by universities are different. At the same time, the passing score for admission to each university is different.

Although YÖS exam questions are mainly about logic and mathematics, you can also find a small number of questions such as Turkish language and general worldview  in the test of a few universities.

Exam questions mainly consist of 45 questions from logic and 35 questions from mathematics section. The exam usually lasts 90 minutes. The exam is evaluated over 100 points. Every year, about 15-20 Turkish universities, such as Istanbul University, Ataturk University, Akdeniz University, Uludag University, 19 Mayis University, Suleyman Demirel University etc., organize YÖS exams in Azerbaijan.

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