Academic English

English for Academic purposes (EAP) also known as Academic English is one of the common forms of English for Specific Purposes (ESP). EAP courses provide language instructions on skills required to implement in a university setting and other academic contexts. EAP courses help to pursue higher education in English-speaking countries; such as USA, UK, Australia etc, and eventually find a better job.

 Academic listening/Speaking courses develop skills including general academic vocabulary, listening skill improvement in an academic context, effective note-taking skills, academic discussion and presentation skills. 

The main targets Academic Reading/Writing  of these courses encompass vocabulary and grammar development, critical reading and writing skills, enhancing reading comprehension of university textbook materials, magazine articles, scientific research texts and on-line/library and newspaper  materials, and development of academic essay, theses, dissertation and research paper writing skills. 

Successful usage of Academic English is one of the main requirements for university admission and working in academic environment.

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