General English

In The Princeton Review Azerbaijan, general English classes are designed to improve grammar, reading-vocabulary, and listening-speaking skills.

Classes are taught 3 times a week and each lesson lasts 1.5 hours. Before starting the lesson, the student is tested on the level of language proficiency by diagnostic tests, and then can start classes in groups according to the existing level.

The first lesson of the lessons, which is held 3 times a week, is based on grammar, the second lesson is based on reading and vocabulary, and the third lesson is based on listening and speaking, and 3 different books are used in these areas. Books are provided by the course.

 The duration of the courses is 3 months for each level. At the end of each month, a diagnostic test is conducted, and at the end of each level, a level certificate exam is held. Students who pass the level exam will receive a language certificate from The Princeton Review Azerbaijan.

The Princeton Review Azerbaijan