EdupolEducation Companies.

In 2004, Edupol started its educational life with private tutorial activities. By 2012, Edupol Education Companies has strengthened its corporate identity and still operates successfully on its path.

By becoming representative of Metropol Education Companies, Edupol provides YÖS, TÖMER and TYS classes and conducts university applications based on exam results. Edupol has already known as a well-respected company in Azerbaijan in this regard.

Beginning in 2019, Edupol has started to provide student admissions in different countries and universities with Study Abroad programs.Since that time, he has become a world-renowned and trusted self-proclaimed publisher of The Princeton Review (TPR) and has begun a US-basededucational process for SAT and TOEFL programs. Edupol is currently teaching SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT and General English courses with representation from The Princeton Review Azerbaijan. At the same time, it provides consultations about worldwide university admissions based on the results of these programs.